This planet is close to being completely uninhabitable. It is unsafe for organic life to be on its surface. There is one major populated city, and a smaller outpost like city. The only reason these cites are able to exist is because the atmosphere regulation field casting a livable bubble over them. Some other life can be found on the surface but it is small, sparse, and quickly disappearing. Grass and extremophiles can be found on the poles. Wild nanobots and AI can be found among the many vast abandoned cities. There are liquid oceans, though they are acidic and warm. The mantle remains liquid but has cooled considerably.


On this planet there are Rabbits, Foxes and Cats. 


Rabbits claim most of the important and powerful positions in society. It has not always been this way but recent events have allowed them to grab control of Circle City, and in turn the planet as a whole.


Cats make up the majority of the population. They have diverse positions in society and have some seats among the leaders of Circle City. They are relatively neutral politically and socially.


Foxes are reluctant inhabitants of Circle City. They where forced to join the city and warred with the rabbits for power.

Major Locations

Circle City

The largest city on the planet. Its in a state of decay. It was built to protect inhabitants from the uninhabitable surface of the planet. 

Little City

An experimental colony launched by Bishop. Its located close to Circle City on an opposing coast separated by an expanse of ocean.  


Culture and Society



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