Currently the leader of Circle City, and Alexanders father. He and his associates built Circle City and played a major part in the conflict with the foxes.


Bishop bust pencil
White rabbit with pink eyes.


Cold and distant. He is disconnected from reality and is haunted by past events. He occasionally has manic periods and can act irrationally and violently if upset. He has no interest in pleasing others.



Has command of Circle City. Is a brilliant skilled scientist, engineer, and doctor.


Lives in the upper section of Circle City and travels often to Little City.


Alexander is his only decedent.

He lost almost all friends and colleagues in the conflict.

He hosts many individuals but is close to none of them.


He is not well after the conflict and is barely hanging onto reality. His perception and ethics have been heavily skewed and his capacity for compassion has been shattered.

He spends most of his time doing research and managing the two cites.

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